Why start 1 on 1 with a coach?


injury prevention or rehabilitation

We all have a different life-story and history. Early screening with a coach can help ensure that we address any issues right away, and set ourselves up for long term success.


low exposure to training or coming back from a long layoff

New to strength training or coming off a long break? Start at your own pace and give your body the chance to adapt to the new training stimulus in a low stress environment.



Build CONFIDENCE and master the fundamentals

Joining a CrossFit gym can be intimidating to say the least. Work with a professional coach and learn all our complex movements and techniques. Time invested working on proper mechanics and form will ensure you are ready and confidant before joining the group classes.

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1 on 1 fundamentals packages


3 Sessions
$85 / session


6 Sessions
$75 / session


9 Sessions
$70 / session

The first 1 on 1 assessment is included with fundamentals packages!

Send us a message with a little bit of information about yourself, and a coach will get right back to you to book your initial assessment (30 min).

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