Member Spotlight - Lauren

Physics Crossfit Member Spotlight Lauren.jpg

Member Since: Feb 2013 (a few days before the CrossFit OPEN - all I remember is burpees and 75lb. snatches)

Athletic Background: Basketball, Soccer, Running, and more

Reason for joining Physics: To switch up my then boring gym routine. I haven't regretted it a day since.

Occupation: Procurement Officer with the GoC

Hobbies and interests: Baking, Netflix, Travel, and socializing with family & friends

Favourite movement: Anything but weights and gymnastics movements, so what's left.....burpees.

Favourite part of Physics: The quality of coaching, the quality of equipment, the community, and amazing friends I have made over the last 5 years.

Biggest Accomplishment: OPEN workout scores that counted towards the Team score for Regionals - multiple times!

Tips for aspiring members or anybody on the fence about joining Physics: Don't be intimidated. Just keep showing up and do what you are told by the coaches. It's simply you against yourself. The others in the class are there for daily motivation, to push you, and to socialize with you (my fav part of every day)! CrossFit is for anyone. Look around the gym, we have members from all types of athletic and non athletic backgrounds who have each accomplished so much individually.